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The following is a list of known apps that have integrated RS as a storage/sync option. It does not claim to be complete, and some entries may be outdated.

Web Apps

Name Description Modules/Categories Source Code Store/Catalog Links Comments/Notes
Litewrite A distraction-free app for simple note taking and writing documents GitHub
  • Works well on mobile and desktop
Encryptic Encrypted, cloud-synced note taking app encryptic GitHub
  • Works well on mobile and desktop
Hyperdraft Notes app with [[wiki]] links + publishing to web site wikiavec GitHub
  • Works well on mobile and desktop
Launchlet Compose Run custom JavaScript or CSS on any website via bookmarklet or extension launchlet GitHub
  • Works via bookmarklet or browser extension.
  • Mostly works on mobile, but best on desktop.
Kommit Flashcards / Spaced Repetition System kommit GitHub
  • Works well on mobile and desktop
Diffuse A music player that connects to your cloud/distributed storage diffuse GitHub
  • Offers RS option for storing settings, playlists, favorites etc.
  • Works well on mobile and desktop
Àlir Read-later app alir GitHub FF Marketplace
  • Designed for mobiles (FXOS), works offline
LessPass remoteStorage A new, faster LessPass widget that does autofill and saves options on remoteStorage. lesspass GitHub
  • Save password profiles based on the domain you are.
  • Supports multiple profiles for each domain.
PfP: Pain-free Passwords A secure and convenient password manager that keeps you in control of your data. pfp GitHub
  • Syncs any number of devices via remoteStorage as long as they share the same master password.
  • remoteStorage server doesn't have to be trusted, data is fully encrypted.
TiddlyWiki remoteStorage A TiddlyWiki plugin that enables saving of individual tiddlers to remoteStorage. tiddlers GitHub
hledger interactive Parser and playground for hledger journals. finance GitHub
  • Can save and load multiple journals to/from remoteStorage. Mixes Markdown/HTML templates with YAML data and outputs the results. templates GitHub
  • Saves templates and data independently on remoteStorage.
  • Useful for printing stuff.
My Favorite Drinks Keep a list of your favorite drinks myfavoritedrinks GitHub
  • Simple demo app, maintained by rs.js devs
Grouptabs Track expenses in a group of people gruppenkasse GitHub FF Marketplace
  • Best on mobile
  • Needs shared storage account if you want to use it with a group
Sharesome Share files quickly from your remote storage shares GitHub
  • Best on desktop
Webmarks Archive your bookmarks in remoteStorage bookmarks GitHub
  • Best on desktop
memm Browser extension to store and tag your bookmarks with remoteStorage support bookmarks GitHub
  • Compatible with Webmarks
RS Inspektor A simple file browser for remoteStorage accounts root (*) GitLab
  • Best on desktop
gHost Unhosted photo album: store webcam photos in your remote storage pictures GitHub
chainbook.bit Unhosted address book/friend list, based on Namecoin and remoteStorage chainbook GitHub
Taskrs Tasks application that aims to be compatible with CalDAV vdir_calendars GitHub
Waves Log viewer for chat logs stored in RS via the chat-messages module (e.g. logged by hubot-remotestorage-logger or imported via rs-messages-importer) chat-messages GitHub
  • Works well on mobile and desktop
QuikWik A small and simple Wiki which uses Markdown syntax and stores data in localStorage and remoteStorage. wiki GitHub
Team Tool Box Build teams and assign members randomly. Useful for trainers, teachers, managers or anyone else who works with or within groups. teams GitHub
Do Again A todo list for irregularly recurring todos. doagain BitBucket
Road To FIRE A portfolio manager app for your stocks, ETFs, mutual funds, bonds, cryptocurrencies, commodities, P2P loans and real estate. asset-portfolio GitHub
  • Works well on mobile and desktop

CLI applications, daemons, libraries

Name Description Modules/Categories Source Code Store/Catalog Links Comments/Notes
remote-storage-uploader Send files to public upload folder upload GitHub Written in PHP
rs-backup Backup and restore data from/to RS accounts * GitHub NPM Based on node.js
remotestorage-fuse Allows you to access data on any RS-compatible server via the regular filesystem * GitHub
hubot-remotestorage-logger Logs chat messages from Hubot daemons to remoteStorage accounts chat-messages GitHub
rs-messages-importer CLI for importing log archives (currently only ZNC) to remoteStorage chat-messages GitHub
vdirsyncer CardDAV and CalDAV synchronization tool with highly experimental remoteStorage support. vdir_contacts, vdir_calendars GitHub PyPI
Unifile Node.js library to access cloud storage services with a common API GitHub