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Copied from a chat with ntucker on IRC:

and while i'm here, i might as well ask about the reason i was looking for a sync() function: if i have two clients connected to a remotestorage server and one writes a value, i see the sync happen on the other one, but there's no 'change' notification. i can repro this using the "caching strategies" sample app. am i doing or expecting something wrong?

i will admit that i find the RS API pretty difficult to understand. everything i do is based on guessing from examples

i think one thing that would help a great deal is a highest-level doc that just explains the concepts

ntucker_> one thing that would probably help is a timeline of the lifetimes of the various objects involved in a module (privateClient, publicClient, the function you pass to defineModule, and the object you return from that function)

ntucker_> btw, yesterday when i looked after ignoring remotestorage for a few months was the first time i'd seen any of this schema stuff. is that new? i don't see any docs on it either

<ntucker_> i didn't even know it existed until i ran across it in the modules repository

<ntucker_> btw, what do you guys who work on remotestorage use for a server? i was using restore but i had some trouble getting it to run recently and i switched to just using the in-memory store in the starter kit for now