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(RemoteStorage is no more available in the new version of Cozy Cloud)
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== Third-party integrations ==
== Third-party integrations ==
* [http://cozy.io/ Cozy] is "a personal cloud you can host, hack and delete". There's a remoteStorage add-on available. The company behind it is offering free hosted accounts for trials as well.
== Integrate into existing systems ==
== Integrate into existing systems ==

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  • 5apps Storage is a commercial remoteStorage provider that currently offers free storage accounts.
  • IndieHosters offers (paid) managed hosting of remoteStorage on both shared and custom domains.

Host your own

Third-party integrations

Integrate into existing systems

  • remotestorage-server is a node.js module, which can be used as basis for your own remoteStorage server, implementing the core HTTP behavior.
  • Liquor Cabinet is a remoteStorage REST API server based on Sinatra, which supports OpenStack Swift and Riak (+CS) as storage backends.

Outdated solutions

The following RS servers are not under active development anymore and need updating in order to conform to modern spec versions. If you're a developer, you might want to pick up existing code in your favorite language instead of starting from scratch: